What is GOSH?

GOSH is a self-help group of dedicated Health and Safety Professionals, Employers, Trade Unions and anyone who is interested in health and safety. We meet to discuss health and safety issues, swap advice and learn from invited speakers, ranging from all areas of industry in the North East of Scotland and beyond, including safety experts and the health and Safety Executive.

What are the aims of GOSH?

The aims of the group are clearly laid down in our constitution and they are to:

  • foster and develop the spirit of co-operation between employer and employee in occupational health and safety;
  • keep members aware of health and safety legislation and assist members with advice on specific health and safety problems;
  • provide nine monthly meetings to which speakers may be invited to talk on subjects of interest to members and provide a forum for discussion on matters of health and safety;
  • encourage, as appropriate, meetings for members with specific common interests.

Who may join?

Anyone… Companies, Self Employed or Individuals.

What else does GOSH offer?

You will have free access to this website, which includes material from meetings, news items and access to experts on health and safety issues.

How much does it cost?

It only costs £50 per year and that includes your tea and coffee at each meeting!